Hypnosis has so many uses that it's difficult to list them all. Some sessions target a specific issue while others are amazingly spiritual and experiential. Here are a few issues you could tackle and things you could experience through hypnosis: Weight Loss, Public Speaking, Healthy Eating, Improving Poor Sleep, Generalized Anxiety, Age Regression (aka Past-Life Regression), Age Progression (visualize the future you), Mindfulness, Inner Peace, and so much more!


INDIVIDUAL HYPNOSIS (Groups currently unavailable)



WEIGHT LOSS SERIES - Every session is different and designed to stand alone or be used along with your own eating plan.

Super Slim Me

Super Slim Me is about creating a long term sustainable vision of the future you. You're maintaining your health, muscle tone, figure, and vitality as well as eating a balanced healthy diet. It focuses on a long-term, flexible, sustainable health plan.

Think Thin

Think Thin - Instead of going on a painfully strict diet with 200 rules to memorize, you'll start to naturally develop better instincts about which foods are going to make you slimmer, fitter, and healthier. This session will train your mind to think like a slim person, so that you make sensible, balanced, consistent choices in what you eat or drink for the rest of your life.

Eat Healthy

Eat Healthy helps you to become more vividly aware of the consequences when you're deciding what to eat so that you can make generally sensible choices and develop lasting healthy eating habits.

Weight Loss Motivation

The Weight Loss Motivation hypnosis session will teach you to instinctively think about the bigger picture, the long-term consequences of your actions and the reasons why you want to succeed. It will help strengthen your self-control and determination as well as supercharge your resolve to stick to your slimming plan and make wiser decisions that will help you succeed in the long term.

Low Carb Diet

Low Carb Hypnosis helps you to re-access your natural instincts for the kinds of foods you evolved to thrive on. It helps to shift your diet away from high carb, high sugar food, and toward a balanced healthy diet. It's about simple, good food, high quality protein and lots of vegetables. Not over complicating how to eat well, get and stay slim, and feel great.

Portion Control

Good portion control doesn't just make you slimmer, it gives you more energy. Eating the right amount will mean your body has to work less hard to digest unnecessary, excess food. This session trains your unconscious mind to know when to leave the excess food alone and have space in your stomach.

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