DISCOUNTED PREPAID PACKAGES (click on "Services and Rates" tab for pricing)

Prepaid packages are purchased in advance at a discounted rate. They never expire, can be used by anyone you choose and it locks in your rate even if the price of massage services goes up!


It's baaaackk! As the colder weather of New England starts to seep in our skin can become very dry. The Moisturizing Massage Cocoon combats this dryness using a moisturizing lotion and the warmth of a cocoon of sheets, blankets and a reflective wrap to hold in the warmth, open your pores and let the moisture in!

4-HANDS REIKI SPECIAL - $60 (1-hour session)

Enjoy a blissful hour of Reiki! Feel the awesome energy flow! 4-Hands is the same as regular Reiki but with TWO practitioners! Reiki is a relaxing and centering hands-on energy technique. It is not massage. Reiki is performed with the client fully clothed on a comfortable massage table. The practitioners place their hands in various positions on or above the client’s body, treating the whole person. Results vary from person to person. Here are some things a client may experience on the table: relaxation, cold (even though they are wrapped in blankets), vibration, heat from hands, emotions, falling asleep, varying mind imagery, colors, and the list goes on!



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